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“I don’t know where to start!” This is a common problem for customers trying to turn their dream to reality. We have listed steps to maximize your investment and simplify this experience.

Create a professional team before beginning the project. This team consists of you, the builder (his team of architect, interior designer, and landscape architect) or an architect, interior designer, and landscape architect of your choice.

The Builder, only if head of the team, can guide the team effort, ensuring the project is on time and on budget. He needs to control the process and the due dates on the schedule to insure the project comes in on time.

Develop a realistic budget for your home, understanding the Custom Home Pricing Triangle and the various fees of professionals involved. Understand the design and constructions timelines.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing your dream become a reality. Custom homes are a huge investment where the client has one chance to do it right. The team approach will ensure a successful outcome.

Acme makes your dream a reality. The Acme Team has extensive experience and capabilities and will deal with the various government agencies and the overall construction process. The most difficult work for the client is over, the decisions have been made, and now is the time to relax and enjoy watching your home evolve. This stage is most gratifying because you will be hearing about and seeing progress on a weekly basis.

Building a Team
By building a good design-build team at the start of the project you can avoid some of the more common pitfalls encountered in building a home. The most common pitfall is homes that go over budget almost 100% of the time. This results in a stalled project, reworked plans, less amenities, and often having to go with the lowest bidders. This process almost certainly results in loss of months of time.

Before you begin your custom home project it is important to find the right team. Even before purchasing your plot of land, we recommend meeting with the professional team to ensure that you will be able to build the type of home you desire. At this point you can maximize the potential of each unique site with your team providing suggestions and experienced opinions. This team would include you, the builder, architect, interior designer, and the landscape architect. In almost every case this will result in less frustration, a better designed home, lower costs, and a pleasurable experience for you.

Building a Custom Home: Builder

Selecting the right builder is the most important aspect of building a custom home. This selection should consider the builder’s reputation for honesty, integrity, and his ability to produce quality work with desired results at minimum expense and waste. You should be presented with contract options and know how they will impact the cost of your home. It is important that the builder explain the specifics and benefits of each option. Since the builder directly affects a project’s cost and construction time, choose a builder that is experienced, committed to fulfilling your vision, and has the track record of completing homes on time. It is important that the builder you select is someone you can trust and with whom you feel compatible. Building your dream home should be an exciting and rewarding experience.


Building a Custom Home: Architect

Selecting the right architect is as important as finding the best builder. Whether you select your own architect or choose the efficiencies of a design-build team, the architect should have the same qualities and work ethic as the builder.

In selecting an architect, review his resume and samples of his/her work.

How well are they listening to what you want and have planned?
Evaluate how they bill: by the square foot, by the hour, a flat fee or as a % of construction costs.
What do their services include? What other services do they offer?
Are mechanical drawings models or site surveys included in the fee?
Will the architect be readily available during construction and completion phase of the project? It is important to have a clear picture of the steps involved and how the architect will be responsible.
Will the architect be able to work with your builder? Have they worked together in the past? It is to your advantage to know how they work together.
Remember you are building a team and each player is an integral part of your vision.

Building a Custom Home: Interior Designer

A custom home should reflect your vision.  A good interior designer will help you determine or confirm your choice of finishes that will compliment your home. Involving your designer at the beginning of the project will save time, money, and worry. The overall design and style of your home will determine many of the interior selections such as tile, stone, or hardwood floors. By recommending the proper flooring, finishes, fireplaces, and cabinetry designs at the beginning of the project, a designer reduces the need for expensive changes later and enables the builder to keep the construction schedule.

If your designer’s selections are made early in a project, the interior design process will be less stressful, more efficient, cost effective, and fun!

Building a Custom Home: Design Process

Once your lot or home has been purchased, you will start the creative process of putting your dreams and ideas on paper. An important part of custom building or remodeling is the delicate balance of what you need, what you want, and what you have budgeted for the project. When you are satisfied with the balance, the project can be completed without unhappy surprises or costly last minute changes.

The Acme Advantage:

At Acme Construction, you get all the above services viz. Builder, Architecture, Interior Designing and others, all under one roof which makes the whole project smooth sailing while keeping a check on the costs and budget. Acme Construction will consult with you regularly on the design and construction of your home or remodeling project. Our team shall work with you at this stage, making sure that the details are outlined from the foundation to the size, shape, and placement of appliances. A lot of you probably look at plans and wonder how to incorporate some changes that are important to your family. Maybe you’ve clipped pictures from magazines. Maybe you know you need to get another bedroom added to your favorite plan. Or maybe you’d just like to make some tweaks to the kitchen. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Just bring your ideas, scribbles, and clippings, and our Design Team will promptly help you get them on paper. The team will work together on designing & building a home that is both pleasing to you and one that will appreciate in value based on your decisions.

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